The brand


ÂGE Paris is for vintage lovers and those who like to distinguish themselves with unique pieces . We also and above all want to speak to those who love fashion, but above all value the resources of the planet and conscious consumption .

ÂGE Paris upgrades second-hand clothes and accessories and makes sustainable fashion pieces in the heart of Paris . We offer small quantities, according to finds and inspirations. We believe in more sustainable and valued fashion , with pieces that can be passed down as a family heirloom .


ÂGE Paris is first of all the desire to get involved in the responsible fashion movement. It is impossible for us to design a clothing brand ignoring the issues of the most polluting industry in the world, and without taking into account societal issues.

Our bet : extend the life of pieces forgotten in cupboards. Each piece is redesigned and retouched to bring it a current, timeless and durable design. AGE is pieces in your wardrobe to wear every day, forever.

Local production quickly became a priority. Both to reduce our environmental impact and support local businesses, but also to benefit from quality French know-how. Our collections are created and manufactured in our workshops in Paris, by couturiers or tailors who have worked for houses such as Christian Dior or Emmanuelle Khanh. We offer small quantities, according to our finds and our inspirations. Each piece is unique.

friends story

AGE is also the story of best friends, who have shared the same passions since the age of 5. One now works for a luxury house, the other in communications and the media. Complementary expertise that allows us to carry out the project.

At the start of 2021, we decided to embark on this new adventure with a common desire to undertake, innovate and create. Since our childhood, fashion has been a world that fascinates us. Inspired by artists such as Sophie Tea, Niki de Saint Phalle; and brands such as Marine Serre, Stella Mc Cartney, or even more recently Maison Cléo; we wanted to participate in this new Age that the textile industry is experiencing.

Mégane and Eva
Founders ÂGE Paris